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This is a space for women who are ready to break the mold and write their own story. Let’s peel away the layers of perfectionism, limiting beliefs, and shame to let YOU shine brightly!

I’m Sarah! I’m a therapist for women on a mission to help others embrace their most authentic self without shame or self judgment. 

I think we all come to a point in our lives where we take a step back and realize the beliefs we have about ourselves, what it means to be a “responsible adult”, a woman, a mother are no longer serving us. The habits we’ve picked up along the way, or strategies we have used to be successful in our lives so far are not only no longer working for us; they’re hurting us.

INFJ, Nature Lover, Recovering People Pleaser

I’m not just here to help you just feel better or less fill in the blank (less stressed, less anxious, less depressed). I’m here to help you feel truly WELL— armed with the self love and confidence to build a life you love knowing you can take on any challenge that comes your way!

The truth is, most of us find that the key to finding true happiness and wellness does not come in changing who we are. It comes from freeing ourselves from the limiting beliefs, expectations, and unresolved wounds holding down our true selves. 

If you want someone who will walk alongside you throughout this experience with a balance of compassion, humor, and a sense of partnership as we work toward YOUR goals, you’ve found it here. I’m ready to start this journey together!

I’m here to help create a supportive space for you to shed the layers of guilt, shame, and societal expectations holding you back from seeing and utilizing the strengths you already possess.

Meet your therapist, mama to one amazing boy, lifelong lover of knowledge, and professional hype woman for all, rejecting the status quo in favor of writing your own story

I’m not here to just give you advice.

Let's do this thing together

It all started with one small change. I chose to trust myself, take a chance, and risk being imperfect.

It all started a few years ago. I was happy, successful, and entering an exciting new phase of my life—motherhood. I was thrilled, but inside I was struggling. Under that smile in the picture above, I was absolutely drowning in anxiety and absolute terror that I would make the wrong decisions in motherhood. After years of this endless cycle of people pleasing, perfectionism, over achievement, and then resentment for the positions I would put myself in, I had had enough. This was the final straw.

I realized I needed to make a change to end this cycle and not pass these traits onto my son. More than anything, though, I needed to make a change for myself, for my happiness, and to live the life I truly wanted to live.

How’d we get here, you ask?

So I finally took the advice I had given countless others and put in the work to face all that was holding me down: the internalized beliefs about myself, the people pleasing, the perfectionism, and the shame. I began to truly believe in my own inherent self worth. I don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of love, happiness, or the life I desire.

After a lifetime of foregoing risk trying to do things “the right way”, I took some big risks and made some changes: I left a job I had been at for many years to be able to be more flexible and present for my son; in spite of that part of me that never wants to disappoint I started to set boundaries with family, friends, and even myself; and I challenged myself to ask for help even when I worried I was being a burden. It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t overnight, but after a lifetime of trying to not burden anyone, to not rock the boat, and to always do the right thing, I finally felt free to just be me. I felt free to take up space, ask for help, and live life on my terms. 

Now, as a therapist, I help fellow women break away from all that is keeping them from knowing and believing in their inherent worthiness because everyone deserves to know they are inherently worthy of living a life they love just as they are—flaws and all.

I help fellow women and moms better understand the symptoms they’re experiencing not as flaws or failures but as natural responses to their experiences, their past wounds, and changes that come with their phase of life. I support mothers to recognize that this period of transition into motherhood (also known as matrescense) comes with unique challenges and joys that can change so many aspects of your life. As a therapist, a woman, and a mother I believe we were not meant to experience life without community. It is my honor to support fellow women through all the ups and downs of life. 

I'm All About: 

Respecting every individual as the expert in their own life and working from a place of collaboration.

Celebrating what makes each of us unique and pulling from strengths you already have (even if you don’t see them yet).

The value of authenticity and humility in the therapeutic relationship.

Taking a multidimensional view of your mental health and wellness. We are all impacted by our identities, culture, social structure, life stages and so many other factors. 

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I can never pick just one song so here’s my list:
  • August (Taylor Swift). Yes I am always and forever in my Folklore era.  
  • Cowboy Take Me Away (The Chicks) and really any 90s female country
  • Broadway soundtracks I can belt in the car and pretend I can sing 
  • The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack aka the nerdiest hype music 😂

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Standing on top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh with my husband and sister in law looking out at the beautiful city.

When my son was laid on my chest when he was born and we looked at each other for the first time. It’s a memory I will hold onto forever. 

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Gilmore Girls

I started watching Gilmore Girls with my mom when it was still on TV and loved it ever since! I always wished I could live in a quirky little small town like Stars Hallow. 

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An “everything shower”, comfy PJs, a bowl of ice cream, and scrolling on TikTok/Instagram in bed. 

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I can never pick just one favorite but here’s a few current favorites:
  • Struggle Care with KC Davis
  • 5-4 Podcast
  • Citations Needed

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Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.

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Brene Brown

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University of Central Florida- Master of Social Work (2015) 
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Florida)- SW14867

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