67% of couples become unhappy with each other during the first three years of their Child’s life. 

therapy for couples

But, it doesn't have to be this way.

Real talk? Improving your relationship after having kids is not as simple as scheduling a date night once a week. 

It requires deep work, mutual understanding, and a willingness to grow together in this new season of life. The truth is you’re never going to be able to read each other’s minds to understand what each of you want. That’s why stewing in resentment, hoping the other person will notice isn’t working.

We’re here to give you  a relationship that not only withstands the trials of raising children but thrives, growing stronger with each passing day.

 You're in the right place.

Reconnecting After Baby





Preparing for Parenthood

Setting Family Boundaries

Common Concerns We Address in Therapy for Couples

Dividing the Mental Load

When you enter into couples therapy, we prioritize the unique needs of each individual within the partnership. Our approach is rooted in creating a safe and nurturing environment, allowing both partners to openly express themselves without fear of judgment. At our practice, we refrain from taking sides and, instead, focus on fostering a sense of understanding and validation for both individuals. Through our sessions, we model effective communication skills and employ a solution-focused approach, equipping each partner with the tools needed to navigate challenges collaboratively. Our space is intentionally designed to be comfortable and non-confrontational, ensuring that every session becomes a constructive and supportive step towards reconnecting and thriving in your relationship.

We believe that your relationship can thrive at every stage.

Therapy for Couples

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