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This is the place for women who are after a little peace of mind, a safe space to just be you, and a friendly ear that really listens.

I'm Krysta, a Women's Therapist and Confidence Enthusiast 

So if you’re looking for a therapist who listens deeply, validates your feelings, and empowers you to make positive changes? Welcome. Let’s embark on this journey of self-healing together.

You couldn’t care less about keeping up with the Joneses. But what do you care about? Authentic connections. Self-discovery. And emotional growth.

That’s why you don’t want a cookie-cutter approach to therapy. You want tailored, compassionate support.

Enneagram 1
Wing 2, Boy Mom,
recovering perfectionist

I'm not just here to offer advice. I'm here to empower you, helping you find your own solutions and trust in your decisions.

I offer you a place to rediscover yourself and feel empowered in who you are.

MEET YOUR Women's Therapist, Mom of 2, Balanced High Achiever, & Dream Chaser

I don’t just offer basic therapy.  

Let's do this thing together

Before founding Harlowe Counseling, I was four months postpartum, lost in the whirlwind of anxiety. I'd been grappling with my emotions ever since returning to work after welcoming my son into the world in April 2020. I was a stranger to myself, wondering where the "Krysta" I knew had disappeared since becoming a mom.

I knew something had to change.

So, I took the bold step of resigning from my job, and launched this practice. The goal was modest - supplement our household income with a few evening appointments. And even though this plan was meticulously crafted by my Type A personality, I never anticipated what this practice would evolve into. I took the leap, despite not fully knowing what lay ahead. And that was the start of a journey towards self-discovery and reigniting my passion.

I finally began to see my larger purpose beyond motherhood, beyond myself, and embraced my “why” of empowering women. Now, I have the privilege of helping other women on their unique journeys of self-discovery, empowerment, and becoming the version of themselves they've always dreamed of.

How’d we get here, you ask?

Celebrating individuality.

Challenging the status quo.

Leading with compassion.

I celebrate who you are and the vision you have for your life!

I'm not afraid to do things differently, because oftentimes how it’s been done, leaves women as an afterthought.

I extend unconditional understanding and support. 

I'm All About: 

Diet Coke

Capricorn & Scorpio

Morning Coffee


Sliced Cheese

cant live without

Sun & Moon

Daily rituals

Let's go to

go-to snack



Ask me anything


Anything Taylor Swift! My topped listened to song in 2023 was 'How You Get The Girl'. 

Pic from The Eras Tour Night 1 in Tampa, FL 

song that gets YOU going


Going on our first international vacation as a family. We love to travel and were apprehensive with what that would look like with kids! 

Costa Rica was beautiful and will always hold a special place in my heart! 

moment you'll never forget


Gilmore Girls hands down! It's typically my fall show that I watch through the end of the year, year after year. 

Comfort tv show 


Chinese take out, cozy jammies, and a Harry Potter movie marathon. 

your night in looks like...


I definitely have two different podcast vibes, 
1. I am trying to learn something and 
2. I am trying to relax. 

My ultimate go to, which is to relax, The Car Pool Podcast, to learn, The Mel Robbins Podcast. 

Favorite Podcast


Make it up
Big city

Plan it out
Small town

This or That?

Rapid fire Edition

From my childhood running coach, 

"All Out, No Doubt" 

My interpretation being, if I do my best every time, I will have no doubt if I have done enough. 

Words I live by

License & Education

the legal stuff

University of Central Florida- Master of Social Work (2015) 
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (Florida)- SW15151
Qualified Supervisor (2019)
Perinatal Mental Health Certified (2023)

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